Blue LED is normal but not red LED blink and not boot. (Have clip like this)

userHead Kongkrich 2017-09-10 21:25:46 11388 Views15 Replies

I had big problem about booting LattePanda board.
I try to program Arduino Leonardo for 4 - 5 times, everything is OK. but last time I can't boot and not red LED blink but only blue is normal.

Pleas see my issue like this clip.

This's same problem with me.

Board: 4GB RAM/64GB
Regulator: 5V 3A
Bought form: Gravitechthai (Thailand) co. ltd. (7 days warranty) 24/8/2017 (Bangkok)
First boot: 2/9/2017 (Chiang Mai, far from Bangkok 700km)

Please suggest me for claim it.
Thank you.