USB 3.0 Device not seen in Win 10 on LattePanda 64-Bit

userHead martywittrock 2017-09-14 21:34:55 2329 Views3 Replies
I have an issue where a Software Defined Radio that I own that operates off of USB 3.0 is not being recognized by Windows 10 (no notification when the device is plugged into the USB 3.0 port, no sound or anything) and I have it plugged in through a USB 3.0 hub such that power is not being drawn away from the LattePanda. I can plug other devices into the USB 3.0 hub, like a USB 3.0 thumb drive, and it sees it fine and I hear the notification (sound) when it's plugged in. Yet, my SDR cannot be recognized. This SDR (LimeSDR) does operate fine on Windows 10 since it has digitally signed drivers for it for Win 7 and Win 10 and works great on my tower PC running Win10 - seen, recognized, and drivers will automatically load. But on the LattePanda it just doesn't see it at all. I've even tried plugging the SDR into the USB 3.0 port on the LattePanda directly and...Nothing...Same thing. Yet, the thumb drive plugged in directly to USB 3.0 is seen fine.

Is this a USB 3.0 issue with the LattePanda in terms of powering...Even with a powered USB 3.0 hub applied to it? Not sure where to go from here because I REALLY want to make this SDR work on the LattePanda. The USB 2.0 can see my LimeSDR, but there isn't enough 'horsepower' to make it work with the application I'm using to receive and transmit with it (SDRAngel). It work amazingly well with lower powered RTL-SDRs running on USB 3.0.

Any help on why this is happening will be GREATLY appreciated - thanks in advance from a Noob using a LattePanda with SDRs.