windows 10 version vs board version swap

userHead jaa93997 2017-09-16 03:22:53 5182 Views7 Replies
Hello all
Apologies if this has been asked before, but, can we install the x86 win10 image in the 64/4 Gb board?

I have this situation, where BOTH of my 64/4 Gb boards just won´t install ANY windows updates or language packs. They just won´t. they stall on the "downloading" part of the business, but never really download anything. (updates do appear as available)(Left them for hours and hours just to find that they don´t do anything about them).

Or can this be traced back to temperature management as well? i currently have no heat dissipation features installed, and the boards DO run quite hot.

My 32/2 unit (yes i have 3 lattepandas ) runs beautifully, that´s why i´m asking about the possible swap of versions.

Thank you!