[DEFECTIVE] + No Boot or Red LED on power up.

userHead Squanchman 2017-09-20 18:36:21 5049 Views9 Replies

I have a issue with my LattePanda. It was working fine yesterday, then when I connected power the next day it did not boot up and there is no Red LED at all.

Board: 4GB RAM/64GB purchased from DFROBOT.
Regulator: 5V 3A
It has as a heatsink & fan for cooling.
Booted first in August 2017
Had the board for 6 weeks but have only used it a few times.
It worked at first, but now will not boot up and there is no Red LED at all. The Blue LED is lit, and Fan spins so the board receives power. Also, there is no display on the monitor via HDMI or 7" display.

I have attempted:-

- A hard reset.
- Used different power connectors (USB Cables, 3A 5V Adaptor & powered via the CN2 headers).
- Removed all USB devices and Micro SD card and IPS display before powering up.

Nothing worked. I think the board is dead.

Please advise.

Thank You.