Very slow response

userHead GoToXY 2017-09-22 22:37:01 5731 Views7 Replies
Hi, i bought a LattePanda 4G/64G and i upgraded my Arduino software to 1.8.4. upgraded the firmata sketch to 2.5.7 set up the board to leonardo then push the standardFirmata to the arduino.

After that, ive Installed VS2017 with C++ and .NET then downloaded the firmata demo. Run the demo and for about 5 sec, everything was smooth (press to turn on the led and then press the turn off led). then everything became slow. Pressed turn on led and it took about 2 sec to light on. same thing append to turn it off. So i closed the app, and rerun it and same thing is happening. What is going on with that panda ?

PS: I do have a UDOO x86 advance, i did the same thing and everything is working just fine. Anyone can help ?