Battery Power & Thermal Management for LP

userHead GTC 2017-09-26 01:31:22 19035 Views10 Replies

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Thought I’d share what I did for my LP on here. No-new-invention I’m afraid! just a plain and simple copy of the traditional laptop/tablet UPS concept/design loll Nothing fancy but it does-what-it-does and it does it quite well - all I cared when we’ve prototyped this little bad boy.

It recently came apparent to me that other folks here are also interested into options for Power Management. That said… it’s now pretty pointless to keep all of this for myself. A few of my mates and myself (from another dev forum) plan on manufacturing 25 boards in the coming weeks. Therefore if anyone here is interested, just say so before this shoots out in the magic printer 

The “service/management” is running as a Windows Service (C#) and periodically query the 9~12V input using a timer (500ms). Can be programmed for scheduled power-on and power-off (in seconds). However and since the service management is all written in C#, it can also monitor LIPO state (charging/discharging), voltage, and obviously; self-initiate graceful Windows shutdown or Hibernation (Programmer App + source code included).

They currently run at US$7,550 each lollll but if a few folks here are also interested, I’m sure we can get them for less than $60/unit (fingers crossed)

Let me know!

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^ you've guessed; LP is hanging out with a decently sized heatsink lolll All of that stuff goes inside a custom made enclosure (unseen here) with active cooling. Not exactly pretty but there you go, it does-what-it-does and does it well (again!) We can now keep this little Panda running at its max performance averaging 36~42dC at 100% CPU usage. Goes down to 29~30dC when idling. Fascinating product this LP - thanks to the LP team for that btw