Zorin on Panda

userHead Xboxclassic 2017-10-03 23:33:56 3945 Views4 Replies
Hi Everyone just letting you all know that Zorin OS 12 Ultimate will run on the Lattepanda and quite well too.!
(32bit for 32bit Lattepanda ) (64bit for 64bit Lattepanda )
I used the 64 bit

Only issues I have noticed are:

Graphics Drivers are absent so it uses its own.
Audio Driver is also absent - (Easily fixed by installing a USB sound card).
Possibly some more to.(That I or most people will never or barely use)

Setting OS to boot Kodi is bad for OS Environment best to leave it at Zorin.

To install or run it you can use a USB DVD-rom and set your bios to boot from it.