Unavoidable fast shutdowns

userHead Tempest8008 2017-10-06 21:53:32 2331 Views1 Replies
The title is a polite way of saying the damn thing's been unplugged.

However we have a situation in our use of our LP where that is going to happen from time to time...the power is going to be pulled and the unit moved.
We have no means of getting a battery in place.
We have no means of providing an external UPS-style device.
Therefore no means of providing a graceful shutdown.

To protect the OS, and allow it to boot properly time after time, we were looking at something like the Unified Write Filter....but of course that's not available in the Windows 10 Home version, which is the flavour of LP we have.

I have seen some instructions on how to enact UWF in Win10 Pro, which I am going to attempt to use to get it working in Win10 Home, but I figured I'd throw this out to the Community at the same time.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to protect the sanctity of the LP Win10 Home OS when unexpected power loss IS going to happen, and there's no chance of a hardware solution providing additional power while the device shuts down?