LattePanda CR200 Z8350 4/64gb win10iot2016

userHead peterlim17 2017-10-11 09:26:57 4469 Views5 Replies
1)i am using Acronis bootable thumb drive to backup my system image. after i finish backup, i shutdown my system, unplug usb thumb drive. when i power on system and boot to bios,i found that Bios-> save & exit->boot override: appear UEFI:scandisk, partition 1, but my thumb drive already unplug from system usb port.if i boot from another uefi thumb drive, bios boot override will show two UEFI:scandisk, partition 1 at boot override. i try reflash bios (DF-BI-7-S70CR200-CC55D-003-B). after flash bios, when i boot to bios, found that UEFI:scandisk, partition 1still appear at boot override.

2) Another problem is time and date will reset to year 2012, when i shutdown system with press power off button or turn off system with switch off usb adapter power.