LP red led delay after shutdown

userHead GTC 2017-10-14 07:55:37 2874 Views3 Replies
Any of you folks familiar with how LP/Windows 10 shutdown?

If I shutdown LP using the Start > Shutdown method, it can take a while for the LP red led to go off. Sometimes between 15~30secs.

However, if I issue a console cmd > shutdown /f (/f for forced) I am not getting any delay and the LP red led turns off almost immediately.

I have a feeling this is more of less a “MS Windows” thing, but I’d still like to understand what is the difference and how this ties up with LP. Basically I need to shutdown LP/Windows as fast as possible and in a safe fashion way.

I guess my question is; will I break anything (LP or Windows) if always using the CMD > Shutdown /F

Grateful for any advice, thanks guys