Visual Studio 2017 and arduino.cs not working.

userHead tony92875 2017-10-15 08:25:19 1978 Views1 Replies
Hey all. Just got my 4/64 LP a little over a week ago and after 7 days of all sorts of issues with it I finally have it stable, I think

Through all this I have yet to be able to do anything with VS2017 for connecting to the GPIO from the Arduino side. The arduino IDE works perfect. Not an issue. However the demo LP project stops responding the moment the demo app creates an instance of the Arduino object. So does any project I've created.

I can do what I have in mind using the arduino IDE directly, but I bought the LP mainly because I could use VS and access everything else so easily. Database servers, web servers, broader filesystem access, etc...

Anyone else experience this? Maybe something I'm missing. I followed the guide for setting VS up.