eMMC replacement / improvement

userHead Screwface 2017-10-17 17:38:26 3240 Views1 Replies
Hi guys,

Due to more and more space hungry Windows 10 updates, and the same for softwares in general, the 64Gb of my enhanced LattePanda becomes not enough. Of course, some would say that I could use a USB HDD/SSD but then I'll loose in compacity and portability. The other way would be to use a SD/TF card to store software, and have only Windows 10 on the C partition corresponding to the eMMC but I prefer to keep my SD card free for my data so I can remove it when I want without any impact on the system and software availability. And also, I hope to replace the eMMC module with a better reading/writing specs version.

That's why I'm interested in eMMC replacement. Has somebody ever thougth to do that ? Is it possible to do it with a classical hot air soldering station ?

@LattePanda team : do you have any pin-to-pin compatible eMMC module to suggest, let's say 128Gb size ?

Looking for your advices.