Building a Lattepanda crypto mining rig

userHead blammas 2017-10-20 14:27:01 4057 Views3 Replies
Hi all,

I have ordered parts to build a small crypto-mining rig project with several Lattepanda's. I know the Lattepanda wont be the most effective board for mining, but the ability to power these boards through USB makes it appealing as a (somewhat) set and forget solution for low difficulty alt coin mining.

I am planning on removing the heat shields and applying ENZOTECH heatsinks to the CPU and storage areas etc, but in addition I want to mount a small fan (not a heat-sync fan / not attached directly to the CPU) underneath the board to direct extra cooling to the CPU.

I was wondering whether the Noctua fan in the link below can be powered directly from the boards sensor connectors? If so, how many could potentially be powered from the board? ... B009NQLT0M