how to get win10 backup file for 2G/32GB model?

userHead Undevia 2017-10-26 20:13:57 2285 Views4 Replies

I recently buy lattepanda 2G/32GB model to install ubuntu.
(I also think it is another problem to install ubuntu to standard model, but now It does not matter)

But, I made mistake that just wiped eMMC without backup.....
So I have tried restore win10 or install ubuntu without restore but there is no progress for almost 4 days.

To solve this problem I think I need to restore win10 first.
But as I before said, I don't have any backup to restore win 10.
I need information about win 10 backup file or restore method or in this situation how to install ubuntu, is there anyone give me information? please I need your help.
(I already tried re-install method but It sadly doesn't work.)