Operation Big Bad Panda: WE NEED YOUR HELP! [Mission Ended]

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UPDATE 20171127

Hi guys! Thank you very much for taking part in Operation Big Bad Panda for the LattePanda MKII release in the coming few weeks, as well as for the strong community support and on many great ideas for more products. Many of our friends and partners have been looking at the suggestions and are so impressed with the sort of community we have!
For example, the @GTC mentions that LattePanda xxx is a suitable naming convention, and @Screwface suggests that we stick with the LattePanda brand and use colors or other labels to differentiate product ranges and collections, both of which are undoubtedly true and great ideas! Below is our point of view:

The most noteworthy are the following two:
1. @LNC-SPN recommended using numbers like 240 and 280 to express the RAM and memory specifications of the product. We think this idea is great. For example, we often hear that people use LattePanda 2G or 4G to represent different products. We very much need a labeling sequence to cover the specifications of LattePanda, such as, LattePanda 864; 8G RAM 64GB Memory. Very intuitive and impressive.
2. Alwaysintao posted on the last post, a series of ideas, including the chemical elements Carbon, Onyx, to strengthen the hard, tough performance of the MKII. He mentioned the Greek word Omega which caused the team's to eventually come up with the following names!

So after a series of discussions, we decided to name Pro / Ultra as follows:
1. LattePanda Alpha -> Ultra
2. LattePanda Delta -> Pro

At the same time will use the form of LattePanda Alpha 464 to represent the specifications and other information.
1. Alpha Edition - Generally refers to the leader in a wolf pack, α / Alpha. It will lso be the leader in the LattePanda series, the most powerful in performance. Known as the leader of the Pandas, or "Alpha Panda" for short.
2. Delta Edition - Mathematical Character △, On behalf of the product design performance, price, power consumption it signals a compromise between the design and performance balance.

We hope you guys like it! Also thank you very much for your contributions and ideas! Honestly amazing! Many ideas were just beyond our imagination, It is indeed a creative developer community!
Follow-up We will contact @LNC-SPN and @Alwaysintao and send them the world's first limited edition LattePanda MKII after the Alpha Panda and Delta product engineering prototypes have been fully tested. Thank you again so much to everyone who helped! :D :D


Operation Background:
Over the past one year, we have been contemplating how to amaze our community members with our new, upgraded LattePanda (Codenamed: MarkII). How can we optimize the new design to match the needs of the community after the original LattePanda? The LattePanda team is not big but we hope that our small, dedicated group can deliver the best product after support and feedback from our highly involved, proactive community.

Recently, plenty of Single-board Computer (SBC) products have emerged in the market, some of them excellent for their price. However, we have always thought that we are not making a SBC, we hope that the LattePanda can be a wild card for technology developers; more versatility in a product; a productivity tool, not just to support creativity but also support business and industrial applications.
In essence, not a SBC but we want to re-define the application of computer technology!

In the MKII, we have cramped in as much performance as we can while retaining the genesis product design. The following are some significant upgrades:
1. Retaining most of the same dimensions, we have put in new CPU’s into the Panda. Compared to the original LattePanda, the new configurations in MarkII give almost 1.5-4 times more processing power.
2. We have given Windows/Linux cross-platform support this time
3. More importantly, in order to have better product-line playability and compatibility with existing PC peripherals, we have added annotations and given more surface mount points in order to increase adaptability for more users. Developers will really help in providing new and exciting projects to prove these practically.
4. Design-wise, we do not want to provide another boring development board, our aim is to make sure[glow=] the specifics of the upgrade spark more creativity amongst users,[/glow] so that there may be even more vibrant creations in our community! (We will follow up with more on this and ask for your recommendations)

Below are a couple of exclusive pictures from our new project (Yet to be finalized; just a markup)

1. We need your help in deciding the new names of our upgraded products; codenamed Pro and Ultra for now. Any suggestions? Post below!
2. For each name, be sure to give a short reason behind the name and its connotations/significance.

If and when a product name is selected from the community, we will include the contributor’s name and details in the overall product design and in the initial batch of the new prototype! This is your chance to take part in this amazing device’s inception and production!
Not just that, but we will give the contributor a sample device and include them in further maturing the device with their ideas and recommendations.
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