Create a Recovery USB for Win 10

userHead timgtech 2017-11-06 11:47:41 3248 Views1 Replies
I would like to suggest that users make a backup recovery USB drive for their Latte Panda and it is very simple in Windows 10. This will allow easy repair and recovery of Windows 10 should anything go wrong.

You will need a USB flash drive that is at least 16 to 32 GBs in capacity.

Click on the Search in Windows 10 on the Task Bar.

Type in - "Create a Recover Drive"

It will show in the list and just select it.

Follow the prompts on the screen. It is very important that you do select to backup system files also. This is will allow you to completely reinstall Windows 10 from the USB flash drive.

More instruction is here: ... very-drive

I do not recommend deleting the recovery partition as noted in step 4. Just skip that.

Best wishes!