Upgrading Website!!! Post your problems here!

userHead LattePanda 2017-11-13 15:24:02 91021 Views26 Replies
Hi friends,

We're upgrading a new website system with a different docs/blog and product introduction system.

Here're some main features of the new website:
1. A complete new docs system based on github, you can post suggestion and commit your update for LattePanda docs page from now on (
2. The docs system address: instead of
3. A whole website search engine is available, which brings a short path for you to search resources
4. New landing page and blog system, we will keep updating our official blog contents from now on to deliver latest LattePanda news to you
5. There're more new features coming soon.

The latest website upgrading is under testing in recent two weeks. We will fix and reponse all problems you posted here ASAP.
Hope you can understand and thanks for your great support!