Fresh install of Windows 10 Pro 64bit and USB 3.0 driver?

userHead MobileJAD 2017-11-14 02:51:36 4595 Views3 Replies
Hello folks so I bought a LattePanda 4GB/64GB awhile ago without the Windows 10 license key,
which was fine because I had a hoot going through different copies of Linux and Google Android with it,
but now I am fixing this little PC up to be a low powered desktop computer for a family member to use,
So I got my copy of Windows 10 Pro 64bit that I had left over and crossed my fingers that the CD key would activate,
and it did so I'm happy, it took a few days to update to Windows 10 version 1709, which finished thankfully,
I cleaned out the left over files to recover some disk space on the 64GB EMMC, which looks good now.
Oh and I used the recommended drivers that I found here in the forums, so everything seems to be fine now.
Except that I cannot seem to get the USB 3.0 port to work smoothly.
It seems to be using the Intel drivers which is reporting to be working under device manager,
but when I plug in my USB 3.0 thumb drive that I'm using to load files onto it, it only responds while under the USB 2.0 port.
While under the 3.0 port nothing happens.
I tried using a powered USB 3.0 HUB, the drivers installed, but the 3.0 thumb drive fails to install drivers, after it was already used on the 2.0 port...
I tried moving my USB 2.0 wireless keyboard/mouse plug from my 2.0 port to the 3.0 port, failed to install drivers....
Are there any other drivers that I should try downloading and installing?
Under device manager my USB 3.0 controller is named as "Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 (Microsoft)".
Btw for what its worth, the USB 3.0 port worked fine under Ubuntu Linux and Google Android x86 bliss rom.

I apologize if this has been addressed in a previous forum post, but after doing a quick search I couldn't find anything.

Thanks for any help provided,