Powering alot of devices via USB?

userHead VM1 2017-11-16 08:55:49 6723 Views10 Replies
Hi! Im planning to buy LattePanda 2G/32GB very soon to use for automated all sky camera control. I saw few reviews in Youtube and one thing caught my attention - none of them show any external hard drives / cameras etc. that take their power directly from USB ports attached. Only mouse and keyboard.

So, does standard 5v / 2A power supply work if I attach USB hub with CCD camera, external hard-drive and USB weather station to it (+ few USB relays here and there)?
Im worried there wont be enough power for LattePanda itself, all of the devices get their power directly from USB.
If it doesnt get enough power and shuts down can I use more amps safely? Other workaround could be to get active USB hub aswell.

Atleast one review on Youtube said that his LattePanda died when he attached external drive to it. However he didnt mention what power supply he had.