Windows OS crashes when I click on the wifi icon

userHead dstair 2017-11-22 03:47:46 1378 Views3 Replies
I am new to windows 10, but have been around computers for a long time and I have not seen this one before. I just purchased a Lattepanda 4G/64G and plugged it in, like it was Christmas morning. Booted up just great, I went to log into my wifi and as soon as I click the wifi icon the OS crashes, blue screen of death. (Wait, this is brand new) Not sure if this could be due to a short on the board connector or the cable connector. I wouldn't think a short would cause an OS crash. I have researched the wifi issues Windows 8 and 10 have had in the past, but have not ran across anything yet to see if it might be software related. Being new to the board and Windows and an uncommon issue, I am struggling where to go with this one. Either I send it back or I do a little troubleshooting. Suggestions?