Deffective LattePanda

userHead Screwface 2017-11-23 21:46:14 3638 Views8 Replies
Hi LattePanda Team,

I just want to let you know that my beloved LattePanda 4GB 64GB passed over yesterday evening. I wanted to have a nice cool evening with her. She was nicely booting when I heard a little "click" coming from the PCB. And then, black screen.
I tried to revive her, to spend some more lovely moments with her company, but unfortunately I can't bring her back to life...
To be a bit more serious, here are the conditions in which the disaster occured :
Nothing was connected to the board, only ethernet cable, HDMI screen and touchscreen connected on USB. PSU is a 3A one. No mouse, no keyboard, and no electronic stuff connected to the embedded Arduino.
When the problem occured, the red led under the board shut off. It was a cold boot, the board was not used before.
Now, trying to power on the card, red led under the board stays off. The only activity sign is the blue led on top which fades several times before shut off, as usual.
The thing I can add is the fact that the region near the CPU (but not exactly the CPU) gets really hot when plugged.

If needed, I can join photos or video.

Do you have advices ? As you guessed, I'm in love with my LattePanda !
Thanks in advance for your help.

Board type : S70CR110-C45B