LP 4gig and 2gig biards randomly turn off

userHead justin.gant 2017-11-26 17:14:42 1742 Views4 Replies
We have a bunch if these deployed and running powered off a 400 watt computer power supply via CN2 header. Powersupply is only at 25% capacity.

The CPU's are at about 30% utilization, ram about the same, hard drives only about 40% and good heatsinks and fans.

The LP's are configured to boot on power too.

For whatever reason, a board will just turn off, all the other devices powered by the power supplu are fine and unaffected. Inorder to restart we just remove power lead and reconnect and all is good for a random time. But without any load or changes the board just powers off for no apparent reason.

1 of them has been running 24/7 for 2 months now and just started this issue.

The other has been used intermittently for the past 6 months and just started this issue.

We have a lot of these deployed aa media servers and cannot continuenti have this issue. Any ideas would be helpfull.