Accessory for LattePanda Alpha

userHead Screwface 2017-12-08 22:48:13 2134 Views1 Replies
Hi community members,

As you can see, this LattePanda Alpha makes me thinking about it. One idea I wanted to suggest you, LattePanda Team. You compare the LattePanda Alpha to a MacBook. Why not going deeper in the concept ?

The board has a USB type C connector which, according to the specs, seems to be able to carry USB 3.0, power and display.
Maybe it could be an interesting accessory to build a brainless laptop accessory. I mean, something like a 10" IPS screen (with capacitive touchscreen ?), a USB keyboard + touchpad, and a battery. The LattePanda Alpha would connect to this accessory through the USB C port, and you then get a kind of MacBook for development and computing on the go.

Of course, this is a bit similar to the streaming cable concept mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign.

I imagine more this kind of accessory as a lightweight way of computing on the go, directly from the board itself, rather than having to carry a heavier and bigger laptop and use the Alpha with it through the streaming cable. Having a small USB hub and secondary video input through HDMI could make it usable with other maker's devices like a Raspberry Pi for example. The price will decide if this can be useful or not. We can find cheap and small laptops nowadays, for about 150$/200$.
If the device is feasible in a range, let say 80$ / 100$, maybe people can be interested.

Community members, what do you think about such an accessory ?