New Latte Panda won't boot

userHead xyzzy 2017-12-13 04:21:24 2353 Views3 Replies

I received my new LattePanda today. It’s the 4G 64G eMMC model without a Windows licence.

I can’t seem to get it to boot.

I have tried the device using 3 different power supplies - a fast charge Samsung Galaxy S7 rated at 5V 2 amp, a Samsung Galaxy S6 charger rated at 5V 2 amps and a TP-Link phone charger adapter rated 5V 4 amps.

I have plugged the device into 2 different HDMI monitors and used 2 different HDMI cables - both the cables and monitors work when used with other devices.

I have also switched it on with and without a standard Logitech USB wireless keyboard / Mouse which is known to work.

When the device switches on the red LED lights for a few seconds while at the same time the blue LED pulses brightly, goes off momentarily and then comes back on permanently without pulsing further.

After waiting for the red LED to go out I push the power button for a second (as per the instructions) and when released the blue LED pulses again and then stays on but the red LED does not come back on again. Reading the manual and posts online I understand the red LED should illuminate again?

I have download the Windows image and set up a USB boot disk as instructed in the documentation pages but the device doesn’t seem to even find the USB stick - the sticks own LED normally lights up when its being accessed but isn’t.

Please can you help.