userHead xyzzy 2017-12-17 01:55:54 2407 Views3 Replies
I'm trying to connect my LP to a 2TB 2.5" SATA SSHD drive via a USB3 to SATA adapter and am not having much luck.

The adapter has its own power supply so its not a lack of power problem.

On booting the LP gets stuck on BIOS code 92 and so never boots. If I only connect the drive once LP has booted then I do get to see a Drive D in explorer but I can't access it.

Disk Manager does find the drive after a while but just gives various errors if you try and partition the drive.

I've also tried partitioning the drive on another PC via the USB converter and that works fine however plugging the successfully partitioned drive (either formatted or left as RAW) still fails to boot with code 92 and still won't read if plugged in once Windows has booted.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Many thanks.