Upcoming stocks for LP 4/64 with MS License

userHead GTC 2018-01-07 23:29:25 3047 Views3 Replies
We are looking for an official answer, from the LP Management side (ideally), regarding available stocks and future road map for the MS licensed Lattepanda SBC. We've noticed Out-Of-Stock since last November and our customers and I are wondering if this is likely to be a persistent issue with the product licensing. Our customers normally order licensed LP themselves as-per-sold-product (internally).

Unfortunately for us we have very little use (if none at all) for the unlicensed LP - our product targets end users, not makers. Hence why it is important for us to know where the licensing stands at this moment.

We'd be grateful for an update on this situation so that we can follow-up accurate information to our end customers.

Thanks in advance