Panda (mostly) dead on arrival

userHead jbmckim 2018-01-08 06:10:15 1850 Views5 Replies
Just put my panda together - installed a fan and loaded it into plywood case . Plugged in HDMI monitor, power and a logitec wireless keyboard & mouse. Ran the startup protocol - plugged in and waited for the red LED to go out. After it went out I pushed the power on button. Fan runs. No WiFi hooked up (the ipex wouldn't seat fully) but used hard wire network connection. (Network LED's were very busy and the box was hammering my network so hard I had to unplug everything from the network in order to use this PC.)

My symptom is obvious: There is no HDMI signal to the monitor whatsoever. The monitor is good and runs fine off my Pi 3. I have no LP startup logo or other. Absolutely no way to interact with the unit. Unless there's something really obvious I'm missing or should try, I think this LP is defective and needs an RMA.