Powering lattepandas with redundant power supply

userHead mayoral 2018-01-17 16:09:09 3043 Views6 Replies

I'm designing a project where I have two redundant power supplies to give energy to some Lattepandas.

In my original design I use one electronic diode conected to the 5V cable of each power supply in order to power each Lattepanda by the microUSB conector. It seems this design runs properly, but now I have one doubt:

section, I have seen this:
You can power your LattePanda through the micro USB port or through the CN2 header pins.

Thinking about this and my original design, I would like to know what would happen if I connect one power supply to the micro USB port and the other power supply to the CN2 header pins (directly, without electronic diodes).

I think that probably I would damage the device, but I would like to be sure, because if lattepanda has a diode in him board, I could remove the external diodes...


And later, I would like to know if Lattepanda Alpha will have the same design related with this question...

Thank you very much.
Best regards