LP dead ?

userHead modul8com 2018-01-17 20:00:45 1083 Views1 Replies
One of my Lattepanda's won't boot anymore... I was running Windows Updates all night long because it was a while ago since I used it... it boot up normally, windows updates got started normally... but when I came back in the morning... it was "dead".
I used the correct charger as power unit (the one that was sent along with the way to short cable).
I seem to be able to power on the device but the keyboard never blinks, nor does the numlock key work...
It never seems to boot up, and nothing on the screen is shown (no logo, nothing).
Any ideas what's wrong?

I tried the hard reboot already... no luck, now the red light is always on, but still a blank screen.
I tried F3, ENTER, F4 ENTER, no luck there since it doesn't boot correctly.
I tried flashing the BIOS too, also no luck there, since it won't boot correctly.

I can still turn on and turn off the device, but nothing happens on the screen.

Help !