Accidentally flashed wrong bios, can't downgrade.

userHead frederikt 2018-01-22 18:51:53 2034 Views3 Replies
I have a S70CR200-CC34E-MID (2gb/32gb) Lattepanda, that a colleague of mine have flashed with a wrong bios. It came with a 64bit bios, but my colleague was working with the lattepanda lcd display etc. so the bios was flashed a couple of times, but a bios for CR100 was accidentally flashed on it.

The Lattepanda is NOT bricked, but windows will no longer boot and it acts strange, naturally. I tried to load the default bios but it will not allow it because the firmware is 32bit now. So I tried the 32bit to 64bit bios but that does not work at all.
Is there some way to force the bios to flash?