LP 2GB/32GB Win10 Home - stopping Windows Updates

userHead Tempest8008 2018-01-26 00:30:36 5744 Views10 Replies
We are looking for a way to kill Windows Updates on the LattePanda.
We are using the Windows 10 Home version (2GB/32GB).

To date I have:
Disabled the Windows Update service.
Removed the contents of the C:\Windows\Software Distribution folder.
When I run the sc qtriggerinfo wuauserv command it advises that the triggers are inactive as the service is disabled.

There should be NO WAY for Windows to update at this point, so I went ahead and plugged it into our LAN (hardwired).

15 minutes later I check, and the service has changed from Disabled to Manual (Triggered Start) and files are populating in the Software Distribution folder.

We're going to be using these on a customer's premises. The LPs won't have external screens, keyboards, or mice attached and we'll have no way to remote into them. We just want them there quietly doing their work.
They also won't be on an internet-facing network, BUT, in the event they DO get connected to the Internet for a while we DON'T want them upgrading. With no way to intervene and respond to prompts etc it's a recipe for disaster.

Does anyone have a foolproof method of stopping Windows 10 Home from updating?