Panda and 7" Touchscreen not working

userHead Csmith 2018-02-02 02:54:30 1695 Views1 Replies

I am having trouble getting my touchscreen to work. I just received my lattepanda and 7" lcd/touchscreen HDMI. I cannot get the touchscreen to work, but everything else is working fine. Please help!

If you have not found a solution, post a new issue. To speed up the process please let us know:
- Have you tried the solutions listed above?

Yes, I have installed the new 1.1 drivers and no luck!

- What board are you using? Standard (2GB RAM/32GB eMMC) or Enhanced (4GB RAM/64GB eMMC)?

Enhanced 4gb board

- Have you tried any other solutions?

multiple restarts, plugging in to usb and HDMI separate and together. Reinstalled driveled, verified drivers were there.

- How long have you had your board for?

1 day

- When did you first boot your board?

Today. Booted fine, showed up on touchscreen etc. had to plug in mouse and keyboard to use though. Touchscreen never worked.

- Did it work ok before the issue occurred or has the issue always been there?

No, touchscreen never worked.

- Use images and videos to help us understand the issue where possible