Issue with Windows Image from lattepanda

userHead toddak 2018-02-02 04:44:23 3507 Views5 Replies

Hi all,

I just received my Latte Panda in the mail, and so am simply trying to get windows installed so I can start prototyping a project on it. 

I've gone to the latte panda home page ( and have downloaded the 'x64 version for CR110 z8350 4GB+64GB/ all CR200 z8350'

I have a 2gb +32GB version, but the sticker inside says its a CR 200 Z8350 (I didn't realise this the first time I tried, so downloaded the z8300 version which really didn't work...). 

When I unarchive the file, I get an error message saying that:
'Could not extra the file "DF-JX-7-S70CR110-CC55d-001-E/Boot/BCD" from the archive "LattePanda v1.1 4G X64 image.rar": Failed to write to file'.

It then goes through a whole bunch of files with similar errors. If I say yes to all, the extracted folder produced is only 2.62GB in size, which has me concerned as the downloaded file is 6.16GB. I'm using 'The Unarchiver' on mac to extract the files. 

Is there anywhere I can download a working version of the LattePanda Official windows 10 image? Its takes a long time to download (obviously..), so want to make sure it works this time!!