URGENT: Looking to buy 80x 7" IPS display (older model)

userHead GTC 2018-02-06 21:44:18 3188 Views2 Replies

More or less a request to the community and/or resellers: If you have/own an inventory of the previous IPS display (7" display), we'll simply take them all. 

I have a customer locally who contacted us today asking me to urgently find a display for the LattePanda 4/64. They are already familiar with the first generation of 7" IPS display, the one which can be identified by having a slightly wider ribbon (see attachment), so we just need to find & purchase 80 units of that very same 1st generation screen.

If you own an inventory of those 1st gen IPS display, we'll take them all at the same price you paid for them + we'll cover your initial shipping/stocking cost.

Please PM for details (we pay by PayPal).

If you know any resellers in your area who might stock LP displays, please send them to this link, that'd be really helpful.

OT: Here another thread RE finding a manufacturer for LP display. If you folks could help on that it would be brilliant.