7" IPS display manufacturing (Urgent)

userHead GTC 2018-02-06 22:08:57 2927 Views4 Replies

Those of you who use the LattePanda "professionally" as backend and have either engineered a display or outsourced this work to a manufacturer, care to share how you did it, or which manufacturer did it for your company?

We are actively investigating the possibility of having a custom 7" Touch -Display manufactured for our customers therefore if you have any recommendations or any advice, by any means do get in touch. We buy in bulk.

Attached visuals is the pinout we'd need the display to be compatible with (standard LP pinout) along with the ideal dimensions that would work for our application. We are also attaching a screen grab of the connectors we intent using to connect the display and touch.

(Please PM for contact details)

Requirements: Built-in Touch Ready + Display (incl. functional drivers for Windows 10 64bit)
Technology: LED, OLED, SED, FED or LCD. We are happy to look at the options manufacturers have.
Op Temp: 0dC ~ 60dC (ambiant environment)
Application: User/human touch based display, tablet (computing)
Budget: Unlimited at this moment
R&D: We are happy to finance R&D, 2 samples are required before sign-off/mfg.
Qty required: +1,000 (initially)
Mfg/origin: (preferably) ~ Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, or EU. Attachments Touch and Display Requirements.jpg Touch and Display Requirements.jpg (156.32 KiB) Viewed 2618 times DisplayTouch Connectors.jpg DisplayTouch Connectors.jpg (222.75 KiB) Viewed 2618 times