Remote "Power" and "Reset" buttons for LattePanda

userHead sweetbb 2018-02-10 00:56:54 10502 Views8 Replies
I am very new to the LattePanda. I got mine today. I bought the 4GB ram 64 bit version.

I am using this wonderful computer in my digital organ project. It is a 2 manual + pedal midified organ, used for pop music and some classical music. I am installing the LattePanda inside this computer, and will control everything from the 7 inch touch screen, and possible also install a 10 inch non touch screen via HDMI.

When the computer is installed inside an organ console, I will not have physical access to the "Power" and "Reset" buttons on the board. How can I connect two buttons remotely, so that I can operate them from outside the console faceplate?