Burnt out AXP288C Chip

userHead philipthorne314 2018-02-15 08:26:53 1491 Views1 Replies
My Lattepanda 4G+64G model shut down normally, but refused to boot again after that. Plugging in a USB cable did nothing, and the device didn't flash any lights or display any signs of life. After some troubleshooting with the specsheet from the company, I've found that the AXP288C chip is the culprit. It's the PWM system for the Lattepanda, and aside from abnormal resistance values from various pins, the chip gets very hot when electricity is supplied to the Lattepanda.

Has anyone had a similar problem and been able to fix it? Also, would it be possible to desolder and swap the AXP288C chip for another one (they are available on many parts websites)?