Core UART serial ports on Z8350

userHead sportzcast 2018-02-28 10:38:50 17792 Views21 Replies
Can you clarify the serial ports available on the Z8350? I need 2 serial ports for my application. I seem to have found Com 1 is hard connected to pins 5 and 7 of the U1 area ( USB22 connector). It is labeled UART0_RXD and UART0_TXD. What are on pins 6 & 8 on connector USB22? They are labeled UART_GNSS_TXD AND UART_GNSS_RXD. Is this a serial port as well? Can this serve as a second serial port?

If a second serial port is not directly available from the Z8350 then is there a way to map a pair of pins on the Andrino to a PC com port? If so can you point me to instructions?

Thanks to all Pandas everywhere!