Metal Cans have come off my Latte Panda PCB

userHead PDE 2018-03-01 02:48:33 4979 Views6 Replies
Hi All,

I have a small problem, I have designed an IP65 housing for my Latte Panda which I am hopping to sell into the Pub industry in the UK, the Latte Panda will control a Draft Beer Pouring system that fills a cup from the bottom.

I am from South Africa. I had to present to a future customer this morning only to find that the metal covers that are on the bottom and near the Ethernet connector of my Latte Panda has come off the PCB, when I was setting up last night.

How can I reattach them without damaging any components, please see attached photo.

Any assistance would be most appreciated, I have not powered the Latte Panda up in case of it being damaged - I used my Laptop during the presentation. I purchased this Latte Panda via RS Components in South Africa in November last year.

Many Thanks in advance
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