S5 Charging Disabled, shutting down

userHead mobilelpg 2018-03-14 00:24:28 3135 Views3 Replies
I had my Panda all setup ready a for a track car install, it has been sitting for a few months while I 3D print a surround etc but when I last used it it was running perfectly.

Just plugged it in to put some new software on it and it gets to the Lattepanda display, it states at the bottom "Preparing automatic repair" and then quickly flashes something on the screen and shuts down.
To catch what it says, I recorded it on my phone and played it back.
In the top left corner it states
"S5 Charging Disabled, shutting down"

I have managed after numerous attempts to start it to get into the windows recovery but nothing I try will allow it to get past this S5 charging error.
There are no issues with power as I have tried it on numerous other power adaptors that are all well over 2a capable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to avoid trying to reinstall windows after spending hours setting up all the software on it.