LP[2G/32GB - CR200-CC34F]-BIOS flash 64bit->32bit: unable to set boot order(every time is set to disabled)

userHead Castellano Pasquale 2018-03-15 21:56:10 2452 Views3 Replies
Hi Guys!
Recently i purchased 4 LP 2g/32GB (DFR0418): these boards have Windows 10 Home x64.
I need to use the 32bit system, so I flash the BIOS (64bit->32bit version) using the topic in your website.The flash works successfully.
I installed 32bit version without problems, but at restart, the board stuck in the EFI bios boot screen. I enter in the bios and TADA:the boot order(when any usb pen drive is connected) is set EVERYTIME to DISABLED I tried to change it, save the settings but the boot order is always DISABLED.

I have not a RTC battery plugged on the board(it can't be the problem because the version CR200-CC34E-MID save the settings correctly).
Now I have three boards that i can't use.(I spared the fourth board).
What can i do to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot!