Locked out of LattePanda after setting BIOS password

userHead rk3990 2018-03-26 03:10:52 1393 Views3 Replies

I recently bought a LattePanda (CPU: Intel Atom Z8350/RAM: 4GB/ eMMC: 64GB) about a week ago and accessed the BIOS to find a way to protect it with a BIOS password and after setting a password and rebooting it, I was unable to type my password in using a USB keyboard via any USB slots on the board. My keyboard(s) both wired and wireless are unrecognised by the LP's USB slots at this point, and I have even tried to re-flash it via USB, but the LP asks again for the password, thus reinstalling the BIOS though USB isn't possible.

I have tried everything in the forums, to recover the BIOS and chose the hardware flasher route using a CH341A SPI Flasher, with a SOIC test clip with no success. I'm not sure what can be done to resolve this issue at this point other than sending the board for a RMA. If not, what else can be done to resolve this issue?