LattePanda change log

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Hi all here is the change log of LattePanda, hope it can be more easier for you guys to know the LattePanad.

1.Improved ESD antistatic function ensures the safety for high performance chip and update pcb version from v1.2 to v2.0;
2.Update MicroCode of CPU chip to fixed the bug of USB problem.

Launched LattePanda Pinout diagram V1.2 version after careful testing and troubleshooting. 
It solved the information errors in the document which mentioned in the feedback. 

LattePanda v1.2 Launched
1.Improved ESD antistatic function ensures the safety for high performance chip;
2.Improved the compatibility of battery system ;
3.Changed the flash to reduce power consumption and improve the compatibility;
1.Changed the default image on LattePanda 2GB/32GB to 64bit Win10 Home version.
2.Added the 64bit/32bit bios conversion tool in GitHub to meet the needs of some users to use 32bit system.

Launched the Patch v0.9 of the latest version Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system 
Launched the Patch Package to make the LattePanda Wi-Fi/BT function could be used in Ubuntu 16.04 system to solve the issues raised by users.
1.Launched the LattePanda 3D model v0.9 version to calibrate the components location ;
2.Launched LattePanda Pinout diagram V1.1 version to optimize some details.

LattePanda v1.1 Launched
1.Upgraded the CPU to upgrade the performance of CPU;
2.Upgraded the WiFi/BT chip in LattePanda 4GB/64GB version to enhance stability;
3.Upgraded the PCB process with fog-black-bronzing process on the surface to enhance the overall texture.
Added the Wi-Fi/BT chip driver package of LattePanda v1.1 4GB/64GB.
1.Without affecting the use of the premise, modified the BIOS settings that may cause the device to boot fail and can not be repaired.
2.Integrated with the Auto power version, built-in the Auto power button for free to switch.

FCC and CE compliance across both versions of LattePanda for users to download and use.
Download here:

Updated REALTEK AUDIO CODEC driver to solve the issues mentioned in feedback. You could get more information about it.

Added the BIOS auto power version to satisfy the needs of users.

LattePanda v1.0 Launched
This is our first public release of the LattePanda. 

There are some information about each LattePanda version.

2017/06 LattePanda v1.2 Launched
The focus of this version is to replace the LattePanda 2GB/32GB default 32bit system with 64bit. For adapting the more widely 64 bit software usage environment , and making the LattePanda 2GB version could install the Linux system. In the hardware update, we focus on improving the stability .

2016/12 LattePanda v1.1 Launched
After repeatedly tests, we launched the v1.1 version, not only solved the problems mentioned in the feedback ,but also met the needs of the performance. It improved the hardware performance, added the drivers, upgraded the PCB and modified some BIOS settings. 

2016/04 LattePanda v1.0 Launched
The first public release of the LattePanda. Say hello to all you guys.