Multiple problems with new LP 4G / 64 unit

userHead Dekew 2018-03-28 16:25:13 1670 Views4 Replies
I purchased this unit on March 19, 2018. When I first hooked it up to only a monitor (hdmi) and keyboard (usb2), i noticed an odd white line at the bottom of the screen as the system booted (under the lattepanda logo). This went away when the system booted to windows at first so i didn't think it was a problem.

After a few days of use, I noticed the line started to also appear in Windows, covering the start bar at the bottom of the screen. I first tried the normal troubleshooting methods - turn off, let cool down, reboot, update drivers from github - but nothing has worked.

Yesterday, I turned on the unit to find windows would not come on (loaded into a blue screen asking to reboot or repair windows - neither are successful). The only thing I've been able to do is to fully reinstall windows - but after a full reinstall the white bar at the bottom remains.

My system is currently booting to windows again, but the white bar remains. I fear this is a symptom of other hardware issues. Reinstalling windows following the steps on your website do not seem to work. Any other suggestions for these types of problems?

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