Panda DOA?

userHead pestilent 2018-04-08 01:40:43 1193 Views1 Replies
I recieved a new 4x64 Latte Panda a few days ago and it appears to be DOA. When I start it up, I see the LattePanda logo and occasionally the windows circle of dots, but the Panda then shuts down. If I restart it, it stats that it is Attempting to repair and then it shuts back down.

First I tried to perform a hard reset, but it had no effect. Next I tried to reinstall from USB, but it never seems to launch the installer. When that failed, I tried to launch the installer manually from the EFI prompt. This yielded a Windows Logo on screen for a few moments followed by the windows loading "circle of dots" and then the system shut down.

Is my board dead, or am I missing something here?