Running 3 HDMI Monitors with LattePanda

userHead Dill Pawson 2018-04-15 16:24:49 1825 Views1 Replies
I'm stuck getting 3 HDMI monitor setup to work with the Panda [2gb 32gb]

the main monitor running off the HDMI connector then two using Windows compatible USB 3.0 to HDMI connectors. This is for use as three unmirrored screens. All the monitors are the same make [AOC e2280 HDMI] and all the USB adapters and HDMI cables are the same makes. I've installed all the drivers [adapter and monitors]

It runs perfectly with two monitors but won't boot the third so I think it might be a power issue [works when testing for both auxiliary monitors, just not all three together]. I'm using the standard Pi power adapter.

Any suggestions?
Many Thanks