Windows Embedded on LattePanda???

userHead dave 2018-04-18 10:59:13 3061 Views6 Replies
We are looking at a project where the LattePanda would be mounted without a display and be able to run headless. Display would only be used for initial installation.

We need to use full Windows because of the SDK we have is x86 and the LattePanda is currently the only small platform we can find that would work for us and has GPIO inputs.

Our concern is the stability of the full OS used on the current unit as there are possible issues with power loss without a proper shutdown. In the past we have used Windows XP Embedded and EWF so that the C: partition is not written to but a RAM copy is. Any power loss does not result in any corruption of the OS. Changes to the C: drive require a batch command to be run and this is normally only done if we install any drivers. For the rest of the time the system runs without doing anything physical to the C: drive.

Is it possible to build a Windows 7 Embedded image with EWF for the LattePanda?