LP shuts down on logon

userHead SOHO 2018-04-20 10:07:00 3211 Views6 Replies
Hi, I am having a similar issue.

I have personally used 16 LattePanda boards, almost all of which work fine. However, one of my newer devices has developed a problem similar to the one described in this thread and elsewhere.

My device spontaneously restarts after only a couple of minutes of operation. Sometimes it happens right as I am logging in, sometimes earlier, sometimes later.

I am using a 2A power supply, the same which I use for most of my LattePandas. I tried swapping to another, more powerful supply (one which has also been used before without problems), but the problem persisted. So I don't think it is power-related.

I am able to boot the device into Safe Mode, and it works fine from there. I have it open right now and it is not restarting. As soon as I exit Safe Mode, it starts playing up again.

The device is able to remain idle (with the lock screen displayed on monitor) for long periods of time without problems, however the moment I log in the whole thing blacks out

I tried re-installing Windows, but the device crashed during installation and rebooted to how it was before. I also tried installing a Windows image via USB, but the same thing happens.

What should I do now? Any ideas for saving the device? I would like to fix this, or if it isn't possible, to get a replacement board.