something doesn't work

userHead VieroVL 2018-04-21 03:15:20 1176 Views2 Replies
Hello, today I received my Lattepanda (4G RAM 64G eMMC) alongside the 10.1" screen.
I plugged everything to get started but the board doesn't start correctly.
To be more clear, I power up the board, I wait for the red light to turn off and then I press the start button.
The screens brights up but remains black and after some time the board shuts down, or just keep to show a black screen until I cut the power.
I can't even change OS because nothing appears on screen, can you please help me?

I think to have traced the problem to two possible causes: the power (have already tried to change cable and source, but the problem persists) or an error of the OS inside the board.

Thank you for your time.