2/32 Freeze at POST

userHead nevare 2018-04-27 09:38:01 1484 Views1 Replies
Hi All
recently received my 2/32 CR200-z8350
using a belkin 5v-2.1a usb supply
initial boot went fine logged into windows ok had a poke around shutdown.
2nd boot, power on, went into bios changed date/time settings saved, reboot.
3rd boot LP logo displayed, keyboard frozen numlock, light on, cannot ctl-alt-del, had to press reset button.
can access bios, but thats it after bios access times out POST freezes and have to reset or remove power.
noticed in bottom right corner bios error 84 then 92. (with quick boot disabled, bios error 84).
have tried booting with the lattepanda beta linux iso but still freezes and also tried
hard reset, no change.
also tried to re-flash bios as per instructions but freezes at same point.

yes i have tried to power via the CN2 headers freezes all the same.

i am at work atm and will post screenshots when i get home tonight
cheers Nev